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Diverse range of quality products

Westside Stationers & Computers Ltd.

We offer a diverse range of quality products for office, schools, homes and corporates. Can’t see images? Click here…

for school and office stationery

Includes exercise books, pencils, biro pens, rulers, mathematical sets, photocopy paper, paper punch, staplers, paper trays, calculators, envelopes, markers, sticky notes, whiteboards, and the list goes on and on.

We also offer textbooks at wholesale prices!

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The right office supplies make managing work that much easier

An efficient, process-driven office or school demands the best equipment to function effectively. We at Westside Stationers & Computers Ltd. understand the importance of this product category. That is why we provide a one stop solution to all your requirements – Stationery, Textbooks, Electronics, Computers, IT Equipment and more.

Westside Stationers & Computers Ltd.

Registered Address: P.O. Box 39-20200, Opp Uhuru Gardens, Uhuru Road, Kericho town

Contacts: 052-20300/0722724481/0727014111


Email: [email protected]

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