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RKF is now on Global Giving

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RKF recently got accepted into an incredible crowd-funding website called Global Giving. This gives us a huge opportunity to raise funds for our projects and programs in the coming years in addition to international exposure and benefits. But to access these, we must qualify as a permanent member for which we have to reach our first milestone of raising $5,000 from at least 40 unique donors from 28th November to 31st December. (Timings are 00:00 midnight – 23:59 EST).

On Wednesday, 13th December 2017 the campaign has a BONUS DAY which allows you to make a much bigger impact with your donation. The more donors and donations RKF receives on Bonus Day, the more they receive from Global Giving’s $10,000 Incentive Fund. There is an extra cash prize of $1,000 each for the team that:

  1. Raises the most money on Bonus Day
  2. Has the most donors on Bonus Day

If you choose to make a Recurring Donation for up to 3 months, Global Giving will match 100% of your initial donation up to $200. Making a recurring donation on Bonus Day will give you a bigger bang for your buck. You can check out the full project at

If you are able and willing, please consider making a donation, however small or big, to our campaign. Of course, there is no pressure to do so. It would also mean a lot to me if you could share the details of this project with someone you know that may be interested in helping this cause.


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