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The most efficient SUPAFEED effect can be seen through irrigation due to its content of organic matter and fulvic acids that improve the soil and soil properties. Can’t see images? Click here…

Supafeed is a 100% vegetable origin Biostimulant and Biofertilizer, with a complete and versatile Amino Acids content due to its particular process of natural collecting by bacterial fermentation. This process provides a specific but complete aminogram; fulvic acids with a complexing power and structural improvement of the soil; organic matter in the regeneration of the microbial flora; and Nitrogen, fertilization source of organic N. It also provides natural biostimulants such as betaines, auxins, vitamins and carbohydrates, several polysaccharides which provide extra benefits to crops. 



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Paksons Enterprises Limited is a private limited company incorporated in Kenya through the Company’s Act cap 486 (laws of Kenya) in the year 2000. It’s an agribusiness that mainly deals with farm inputs, agrochemicals, agricultural tool implements, and logistics/transport services and in offering after sales services i.e. demonstrations.

The enterprise is located at Minasa Centre along John Kerich Road next to the Kericho County Assembly situated at the heart of Kericho town. The company’s daily activities mainly entails sale of quality goods (products) at affordable prices to stockists and farmers; and therefore work with the main goal of customer satisfaction driven by good customer relations which is centered at being at the forefront in ensuring that the farmers’ needs and demands are highly met by making the products available to them and in good time. This has seen the company make enormous sales in the past few years.

In addition, the enterprise is also involved in offering extension services to farmers both in their farms and through door-to-door services; provision of consultation and helping of farmers in improving their agricultural production. Moreover, the company is also involved in community service programs as it works towards involvement of the local community in its day-to-day activities. Significantly, it has created awareness on safe-use and handling of agrochemicals, tree planting programs, sporting and games activities and also in dissemination of information and agricultural knowledge to farmers and the community as a whole through public trainings i.e. workshops and seminars.

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